Insoles for Underpronation and Supination

If you have high foot arches or rigid feet the chances are that you will be an underpronator and your feet will not move in an optimal fashion when you walk or run. Underpronation is a lack of roll in the feet, with the weight staying on the outside edge from heel strike to push off. There are shoes for underpronation which will maximize pronation; however one of the simplest and most effective solutions for underpronating feet is a pair of underpronation insoles.

Underpronation insoles are rarely advertised or sold as such, so they can be a little difficult to find if you don’t know what to look for. If you visit a podiatrist you will find out the best underpronation insoles to wear, but the chances are that the recommended purchase will be a pair of custom orthotic insoles. Custom orthotics offer the maximum level of support, and will help to correct any faulty mechanics in the feet; they are usually the best treatment, although they are expensive and will set you back a good $200 a pair, and probably considerably more. They are made either from foot molds or more commonly these days, after a pressure analysis has been completed and with the aid of computer design, a pair will be fashioned according to your individual requirements.

Not only will custom orthotic insoles offer the maximum level of correction, but they will be custom designed to match the exact needs of each foot. There is often a difference between the level of underpronation of each foot. Unfortunately for many people, the cost of having a custom pair of orthotic insoles will be prohibitively high. A podiatrist will usually charge upwards of $250 a pair, and while you will certainly get your money’s worth over time, it can be a lot to spend out initially and may not actually be worth the cost if your feet do not give you major problems. Underpronation after all is not necessarily bad for you.

Many people choose to purchase high quality shoe inserts which match the foot type and arch height, albeit at the expense of giving more exacting support for the feet. If premium underpronation insoles are purchased, you can expect to see around 12 months of wear out of each pair, and even for the best of the best you will only be spending around $60, with many good quality brands available for a little under $30 a pair.

Will Underpronation Insoles Make Me Pronate Normally?

Underpronation is usually caused by an abnormality in the structure of the feet, which can be a misalignment of bones, abnormal muscles and tendons structure, or high arches. Underpronation insoles will not correct the underpronation as such; rather they will ensure that your feet are properly cushioned and supported so that you do not suffer any ill effects from your particular gait. Custom orthotics are more corrective in nature, whereas most of the shoe insoles will focus more on supporting the arches and providing extra cushioning. Essentially they will make up for any cushioning which is not naturally present in the feet and will help to make walking and running much more comfortable. They will also help to stave off many of the common foot and leg problems that often results from underpronation.

Are Premium Insoles Worth Buying?

If you have tired and aching feet at the end of the day, even a cheap pair of insoles will make a difference. However the lower cost models such as generic store brands tend to lack the robustness of the high quality brands. You will find that you will go through many pairs over the course of a year, compared to just one pair if you pay for quality at the outset. If you spend a little more on a pair of premium insoles you will be rewarded with a longer lifespan, but also will get better cushioning for your feet. Premium insoles feature a highly technical construction, and not only will you be able to feel the difference underfoot, but you will give your feet much better protection from the forces of running as an underpronator. You may not want to spend big on custom insoles, but it is certainly worthwhile spending 20-30 dollars on a high quality pair of underpronation insoles.

Can Insoles Be Used in All Shoe Types?

The simple answer is yes. You can buy underpronation insoles to match all of your shoe collection. However you will probably have to purchase different styles of shoe insoles or shoe inserts to match your different styles of shoes. If your insoles will fit in a pair of high fashion pumps, you can be pretty sure that they will not be ideal for a pair of flat everyday shoes and vice versa.
You will probably have to purchase a couple of pairs of underpronation insoles; one pair for standard shoes and one pair for athletic footwear. Although one pair will fit both shoe types, underpronation insoles for sports or running have to cope with increased forces and the construction needs to reflect that. If your running shoes or sports shoes tend to smell after you have worked out in them, you would probably be better off leaving your insoles in them and having a second pair for everyday use. The premium insole brands have anti-microbial treatments to prevent foot odor so you may be able to get away with just the one pair, but it is usually best to purchase a couple of pairs and to leave one pair in your sneakers, and the other pair for the rest of your shoe collection.

If you are all but crippled after a night in dress shoes or stilettos, you may need to purchase a pair of narrower underpronation insoles to fit that particular shoe type. Narrow shoes often require three quarter length models rather than the full insoles, especially if the shoes have a particularly narrow toe box. Oherwise you may not be able to fit your insoles and your feet in your shoes!

What are the Best Brands of Insoles for Underpronation?

There are many brands of underpronation insoles and each one has its relative merits in terms of comfort, quality of construction and lifespan. Each brand offers its own proprietary technology to ensure that the feet are properly cushioned and the arches are well supported. We would advise you to stick to well known and highly respected brands as this will ensure that you get the best support and comfort, and you will be rewarded with a long lifespan.

Although most premium brands offer a standard design which can be trimmed to fit in your shoes, some premium underpronation insoles can still offer a highly customized fit. In order to get the custom fit without buying expensive custom insoles, some manufacturers offer insoles which can be placed in the microwave or oven before the first use. These then mold around your feet for a individual fit and will match the contours of your feet perfectly. Some brands even offer this custoim fit without the need for oven or microwave treatment. Naturally you should only put your insoles in the microwave or oven if the model specifically instructs you to do so.

We recommend the following high quality brands of underpronation insoles:

  • Superfeet
  • Sorbothane
  • Orthaheel
  • Lynco
  • Sofsole
  • Sole insoles
  • Hanger orthotics
  • Spenco insoles

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